Online Meditation

No Nonsense Spirituality 


I am very excited to offer classes that I truly care about. Being a teacher was my first profession, and I love applying the skill of offering a lecture and asking the right questions to invite you on a journey into your own soul landscape. This can be done with a friend, on your own as a gift and investment in yourself, or with me as you intentionally begin to build your intentional second half of life. These courses provide many resources, more than can be provided in a 50-minute session, and are worth the investment. These lessons are absolutely life-changing for giving words and direction for this part of life's journey.

Modern Senior Woman

Spiritual Reconstruction Course 

For years I have worked with clients on how to rebuild their lives after a midlife crisis, periods of deep questioning, or faith transition. This course contains all the key elements that I use most often with clients. For the price of one therapy appointment, you can gain access to a treasure trove of resources for this stage of life's journey. The 10 videos, workbooks, guided meditations, and helpful resources are the most common aides I have used for those transitioning to the second half of life.