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Rock Maze

Brittney Lowe Hartley

Certified Spiritual Director

Masters Degree in Spiritual Ministry and the Future of American Religion

 Doctorate Degree in Open and Relational Theology ABD

Ordained Sufi

Certified Meditation Teacher

Leader in Secular Approach Spirituality

Mormon Scholar

Podcaster at Almost Awakened Podcast


Why Spiritual Coaching?

Spirituality is a human need.


We need to feel connected to ourselves and something bigger than us to give us meaning and purpose in the face of life's realities. 

Spiritual Direction:


Focuses on the soul landscape

More accessible than therapy

Helps with existential crisis

Understands religious trauma and thought patterns

Houses all available spiritual tools regardless of belief

Can explore spirituality with safety, and companionship

A spiritual director is a companion, a midwife, helping you bring to life the spiritual sanctuary that you've longed to come home to. 

What is No-Nonsense Spirituality?

Studying Online


Holding Hands


Therapy Session


White Headphones


What People Say


I felt so alone during my faith crisis. Britt helped me find the ground below me. I could process my faith journey, keep the things I loved from my past, and move onto to better things.


Brittney helped me during a time in my life when I felt lost. I was at a job I hated, spending my evenings scrolling through my phone . I knew I needed something to feel alive again. Spiritual direction helped me to find myself again, and commit to a practice that filled my soul. 


What I appreciated most about my time working with a Spiritual Director was a safe space to process things without shame. Whatever it was, dark thoughts, wanting to give up, issues in my marriage, trauma from my past, spiritual direction was a safe place for me to unpack all that.  Working together helped me to rewrite my story so that I am the hero.

Thinking Man on Couch

My Approach

Spiritual Flourishing in a Modern World 

Do you want to explore spirituality with secular language? Do you want to navigate a faith transition within a certain religious community? Do you want to enrich your life with family traditions but bring some life into them? Are you stuck in an existential crisis? Do you want to do a deeper exploration into who you are? Do you want to connect to something greater than yourself but don't know how to begin? Are you ready to start the second half of your life, one that is unapologetically you? Are you recovering from religion or patriarchy and need help processing? Wherever you are is a great place to start.


I got you. 

Get in Touch  /  Tel. 208-757-1971


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